Tell the Portsmouth City Council Thanks for Endorsing #TransBillNH!

In January, the Portsmouth City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution extending local non-discrimination protections to transgender city workers and endorsing #TransBillNH.

When our elected officials do the right thing, it's important to say thanks. Use the form on the City Council's website to send your thank-you message.

Below are some talking points to get you started. And after you're done, use the form below to let us know you sent your email message.

First, thank them for voting in January to protect transgender city workers from discrimination, and for using that same vote to formally endorse #TransBillNH

You can say you're proud that transgender people who have devoted their lives to public service in our great city will be able to live and work without the fear that they will be fired or denied a promotion just because of their gender identity.

Also be sure to remind them that transgender-inclusive non-discrimination laws are very important, since New Hampshire remains the only state in New England without these statewide protections.

Reiterate that relying solely on local protections leaves too many other transgender Granite Staters vulnerable to discrimination, and it creates confusion for businesses, law enforcement, and other officials who are charged with implementing and navigating a web of conflicting laws.

But, be sure to end with a since thanks, and note that their vote in January was a big step forward.